Day Two, Feb 27, 2002

0900     Keynote speaker, Dr H. Yokoyama, "Nanotechnology today and what to expect in five years time", NRI, AIST.

0930     Dr Y H Ma, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

1000    Prof Y. Kuk, "10 year plan for Korean Nano Science and Technology", Professor of Physics, Seoul National University, Committee Chair, R&D Planning Committee on Nanotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology. Committee Chair, Committee on Nanotechnology industrialization, Ministry of Industry and Energy. Korea

1030     Morning Tea

Strand One – Asian Nanotechnology

Strand Two – Nanotechnology SME’s: Starting Small

1100     Strand One: Mr C. Masens, “Picking up the gauntlet: Asian Nanotechnology in 2002”, nABACUS Ltd, Hong Kong.

             Strand Two: J. Von Ehr II, "Assembly-based Nanotechnology", Zyvex Corp, USA.

1130     Strand One: Dr. R. Thampuran, "Singapore's Nanoscience Initiative", Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore.

             Strand Two: Dr. G. Bachmann, “Nanotech Activities in Germany and the EC”, VDI, Germany.

1200     Strand One: Del Stark, "Nanotechnology in the UK", Institute of Nanotechnology, UK.

             Strand Two: Mr. W. N. Wu, “The Venture-backed Nanotech Start-up: Perspectives from an Entrepreneur turned VC”, Managing Director, Alameda Ventures, USA.

1230-1400    Lunch

1400     Dr. M. Roco. "The Vision and Strategy of U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative" Senior Advisor, National Science Foundation, USA.

1430     Prof. M.K. Wu, "National Initiative on Nano Science and Technology in Taiwan", Vice Chairman, National Science Council, Taiwan.

1500     Dr. T. Nakahara, "Frontier nano-technology for the next generation diamond industry", Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

1530     Afternoon Tea

Strand One – Nanotechnology in Australia And Europe

Strand Two – Nanotechnology Investment & Nanotechnology in Tawain

1600     Strand One: Dr V. Braach-Maksvytis, “Nanotechnology in Australia” Chair, CSIRO Science Forum Executive Team, Australia.

             Strand Two: Ms S. Varga, “Angel Funding for Nano Technology Ventures in the United States” Co-Founder and Chair, Membership Committee; nanoSIG.org

1630     Strand One: Dr M. Werner, "There is Plenty of Room at the Bottom - for Big Business Micro- and Nanotechnology in Europe", Deutsche Bank

             Strand Two: Ajay Khurana, "Applications for Nanotechnology in Photonics", General Partner, Ark Venture Partners, LLC, USA.

1700     Strand One: Dr. S. Walker, “Public funding of Nanotechnology Research in Australia - an ARC perspective” Australian Research Council, Australia.


1900     Dinner

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