Day One, Feb 26, 2002

0830     Registration

0900     Welcome - Dr J. Hiraishi, Vice president of AIST

0905     Opening Address - Dr. Jurgen Schulte, nABACUS Ltd, Hong Kong.

0910     Dr. Y. Tokumasu, "Japan's Strategy on Nanotechnology", Planning Director of Research and Development - Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan.

0930     Keynote Address - Prof M. Welland, Cambridge University Nanoscale Science Laboratory, UK.

1000     Prof. T. Kishi, "Current Nanotechnology Plan in Japan and NIMS". NIMS, Japan.

1030     Morning Tea

Strand One - Nanotechnology from the Corporate Viewpoint 1

Strand Two - Nanoelectronics: Emerging Technology Platforms

1100     Strand One: Dr. M. Yano, "Commercialization of Fullerenes", Assistant Manager, Fullerenes and Nanotube Project, Technology & Business Development Dept. Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan.

             Strand Two: Prof. M. Aono, "Nanoelectronics in Japan" , RIKEN, Osaka University, Japan.

1130     Strand One: Dr. Y. Awano, “Overview of Fujitsu Nanotech R & D”, Fujitsu, Japan.

             Strand Two: Prof. Z. F. Liu, "Nanoelectronics in China" , Beijing University, China.

1200     Strand One: Dr. M. Morita “Nanotechnology research in NTT Basic Research Laboratories”, NTT, Japan.

             Strand Two: Dr W. B. Choi, "Nanoelectronics in Korea" , SAIT, Samsung, Korea.

1230-1400    Lunch

1400     Keynote speaker Dr. S. Williams, "Opportunities and Expectations, Nanotechnology Today" Hewlett Packard, USA.

1430     Dr. K Tanaka, "JRCAT activities and nanotechnology in AIST", Board Trustee, AIST; Project Leader, JRCAT, Japan.

1500     Afternoon Tea

Strand One – Nanotechnology from the Corporate Viewpoint 2

Strand Two – Nanotechnology Applications: Medicine

1530      Strand One:Mr S. Tanaka, 'Innovative platform of nano-technology', CSO (chief strategic officer) Director of BNRI (Bio Nanotec Research Institute Inc.) and BNRI project leader of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Japan.

              Strand Two: Dr V. Gau, CEO Genefluidics, USA.

1600      Strand One: Dr. Ono, “Nanotechnology overview of Hitachi, Ltd.”, Hitachi, Japan.

              Strand Two: Dr.B. A. Cornell, "Nanotechnology in Medicine", AMBRI Pty Ltd, Australia.

1630      Strand One: Dr. J. Sone, General Manager, Fundamental Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation, Japan.

              Strand Two: Prof. T. Watanabe, University of Tokyo, Japan.

1700 Strand Two: Dr. M. Yumura, "Putting the carbon nanotubes to use as the industrial materials", Principal Research Scientist of the Research Center for Advanced Carbon Materials at the National Research Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan.

1900 Dinner

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